Friday, March 25, 2011

Irish Crochet Play

I've been playing with some Irish Crochet lately, getting ready for a challenge for one of my groups. My Mum taught me to crochet when I was very young & I have wanted to do Irish Crochet for many years. I thought it was just crocheting motifs & joining them together, but on doing a little research I found it to be much more involved (isn't anything?) , and much more challenging that I thought.

So after practicing some new techniques & getting the feel of them, I present my first ever leaf. It is far from brilliant, and I am sure they will get better, but it is the best motif I have done in my practice. With all the other motifs I have been practicing on, I came across challenges, two of which have been solved on this leaf. So now I am off to find some matching thread & cord, to have another go ready for the real thing.

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Linda said...

I love all forms of crochet, and like you, learnt at a very young age. It was the one thing my mother wanted us to learn, despite her not being about to follow a written pattern [she wasn't illiterate, just didn't follow the gobblegook that crochet patterns entailed those days!]. I haven't done anything intricate for some time. The finer the better for me, love fine hankie edges. Thanks for keeping an eye on my hardanger progress. I am so looking forward to it actually being in use one day.