Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Intermediate Retrospective Pt 2

This is a copy of a tracing from another still life that I did from early on in the Intermediate Certificate Course. It was this tracing that was the basis of a number of other designs. We learnt three different ways to take a sketch & turn it into a design, one of which was the age-old window view method.

If you look closely at the sketch above, you will find the shell that inspired this "One Stitch" exercise. We were only allowed to use one stitch in the whole piece to stitch with.


Linda said...

Ah, yes, I remember the one stitch exercises too. I struggled with a few, but was quite pleased with my other efforts. I really like your drawing, and I adore the shell you has real life and dimension. I am enjoying these posts Jenny.

Rachel said...

Your shell has worked very well indeed. Having a constraint, such as a single stitch to use, is a good way of focusing and concentrating on your ideas.

Mrs. Lucky said...

Your one-stitch work looks amazing!