Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Effects Of Colour

Isn't it amazing how colour can change the feel of a finished piece? The above two little tissue pack covers are both made from the same hand dyed fabric and both have the same stitching pattern as decoration. The only thing that is different is the colour.

With the top one I started with a commercially dyed variegated thread in a harmonious colour scheme, then picked out some of the colours to use in plain dyed stranded thread. I think the end result is very pretty.
The bottom one is more of a triadic colour scheme, using the blue of the fabric with red & yellow stitching. A much more dramatic effect than the top one.

Out of the two, the top one is my favourite. I have always loved cool colours in a harmonious colour scheme. I am still not sure of the triadic colour scheme though, but many of the people from my stitching group loved it. All a matter of taste no doubt.


Donna said...

I like the bottom one jenny

Walden said...

It is quite a difference. Love the bottom one, the stitches really show themselves well.

Linda said...

Hello Jenny, lovely to see these 'made up', they look gorgeous. I know you say you like the top one, but I have to tell you that I really love the one with the red. The strong contrasting colour gives it a certain zing in my opinion. Sometimes it pays to make things a little out your own comfort zone, as they will appeal to others. These are just the most delightful little things.

heavy hedonist said...

I prefer the top scheme too, but I know many folks who would loooovvve the more dramatic effect of the second.

Ta for now, your blog is lovely.

Cris said...

Color definitely plays a big role in the finished piece. I think I get this sometimes when I think I have a good yarn for a project and after I start it, it just doesn't "scream" like it should.... and I start over with a different yarn and it's much better.

The covers are really nice!

Radka said...

Both are very nice and so different:)