Friday, July 25, 2008

Lace inspiration - A New Book

Last Saturday I had a day with my Stitchers Plus group, & my dear friend Robyn presented me with this book. What a treasure! The front cover alone has inspiration enough to keep me occupied for a lifetime, so I'm sure you can all imagine what is inside. A treasure chest of photos of the most amazing buildings including:-

The Alambra, Spain
The Roman Forum, Italy
Heidelberg Castle, West Germany
St Peter's, Vatican City
Temple of Amon, Egypt
The Imperial Palace, Japan
The Binnenhof, the Netherlands
Edinburh Castle, Scotland

My instant reaction is of course lace, & I want to start a piece now. The reality is though that I have more pressing matters to attend to, so you will all have to wait a while before you see anything inspired from this book.

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