Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My New Scarf

Finally finished! This is a scarf that I started at the end of winter last year. The yarn was fine, very cheap & very old, so consequently caused me many problems.

I chose a pattern off the Net, then proceeded to use only part of the pattern. It was very simple, involving only a few stitches and eight rows in the repeat. After a few rows, I found I was making mistakes, & proceeded to try to unpick it stitch by stitch. Because the yarn was so fine, it was difficult doing this, so I decided to rip out the needles & start again. Trying to unravel the work already done, the yarn gripped to itself, & would not unravel. I tried to gently coax it with a tug, but only succeeded in breaking the yarn. Mmmm............... old yarn............is it worth the hassle?

Well, it kept my fingers busy so I kept on with it, mistakes and all. There are plenty of mistakes, & I will be the first to point them out. They remain in the scarf purely because of the age & gripping factor of the yarn. I knew if I tried to unpick them I would end up with problems again, so I made a choice to leave the mistakes in. I figured that once scrunched & rolled around my neck, the mistakes would not be seen.

The fringe at the end is crocheted. I wanted something different to the normal fringe, so crocheted some rings & chains & attached them to the ends.

OK, so it may not get an A+ on any marking scale, but it is warm & will be great on those cold winter mornings that will be sure to come in a few months time.


Linda said...

Jenny, despite all the problems you had with the scarf, I have to say it looks really, really lovely. I do like your fringe treatment, so simple, yet so effective. It's a beautiful colour too BTW.

Anonymous said...

Glad you were able to finish it, sure you felt a sense of accomplishment...it's lovely! Great work.

Anonymous said...

Great work! Glad you were finally able to finish it.

kobe said...

i like your scarf colour--purple, that is a noble colour