Friday, January 24, 2014

Going a Little Crazy

I have been going a little crazy lately, crazy patch-working that is.

My local sewing group are having fun with some donated fabric scraps, and one lady has been busy pieceing all the small pieces together into some crazy pieced blocks. There are lots of them, so that means lots of hand stitching to decorate. Many of us are lending a hand, including myself.

Last week I got handed a pile, not sure how many, maybe about ten, so I have been busy stitching.

It's been a bit of fun really, letting the piece talk to me to tell me colour choice & stitch pattern.

It is amazing how some pieces talk to you & some don't, then all of a sudden they shout at me to use a certain colour. Some even get put away until they are ready to talk to me.

I have done four so far, with a little help from M------- in my sewing group( who pieced them all together & started stitching one some), and also my friend Robyn J who did some of the gorgeous stitching in the second piece above.

It has given me a break from my knitting & my huge sampler that I am working on, but they are both starting to call to me too, as is my sewing machine. many choices, so little time!

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Merit said...

I love this. You are super talented.