Friday, November 03, 2017

Art Journal Pg 8

This page of my supposed art playing has been done for quite some time, about six moths in fact. I have got a bit bored with it and left it for some time. Well, maybe not bored, just not happy with what I am doing. This page is OK, it's some of  the subsequent ones that I do not like. But more about that later.

This is page eight, and the page  is similar to page seven. It was first mod podged, washed with colour, then sprinkled with salt and left to dry. The lines are drawn with a fine black felt tipped pen, then the number eight was cut from a magazine and glued in place.

Art and drawing comes way behind stitching in my life. I am trying to get better. Art is definitely in the eye of the beholder, and mine is maybe to be used for inspiration for my stitching. Would I use this one? Maybe. Maybe a cut cross section that has been enlarged. Watch this space to see what happens.

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