Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mountmellick Stitch

Today I had a little play with Mountmellick Stitch. One of my Thursday students brought in a project that she wanted to make. It uses all kinds of stitches but she was stumped on Palestrina knots & Mountmellick stitch.

I was fine with the Palestrina Knots but had to search for Mountmellick stitch. It was a stitch I had not done before. It did give her instructions in the magazine that the project was in, but as usual they were not very clear. My good friend Miss Stitcharoo came to my help with some better instructions.

I played first with a hand dyed perle 12 thread, & went very quickly from very wide to much narrower. I then changed to another hand dyed perle 8 thread which worked much better.

It is a great textural effect & I think I could use this heaps in my work.


Dianne said...

Hello Jenny
Thoses stitches are really cool..
A visual if fabulous for us none
stitchers:):) Kudos to our "Miss Stitcharoo to the rescue"..
I love you are teaching us on your blog as well as showing us you amazing work Miss Magis Fingers..
Thanks so much..

Yvette said...

Mountmellick stitch is very unusual, isn't it? Its a funny-one sided stitch. I had been searching for ages for a suitable place to use it in Mountmellick embroidery. Eventually I hit upon the idea of using it as the edge of thistle leaves - with the points pointing outwards. It worked a treat!

Yvette Stanton
Author of "Mountmellick Embroidery: Inspired by Nature"