Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Fun Day With Dye

This morning was a fun morning playing with some dye. The whole purpose of the session was to dye a piece of even weave linen ready for a major piece of embroidery. Normally when I have to dye something, I am scratching for pieces of fabric or thread to use up all the left over dye. I was prepared today though, I had been into Spotlight yesterday & bought some white homespun & embroidery threads. So now I have a range of threads & fabrics, ranging in colour from leaf green to torquoise. Most of the pieces I have used a resist of some kind to give variety. I know what I want to do with the even weave linen, but what I will do with the rest will have to wait & see. My threads are still drying so they will have to wait for a day or two until they appear here. Now I can progress on my piece of work ready for exhibition in October.

1 comment:

Dianne said...

Wow Jenny I love how it looks especially the wider thread piece.
I reall like that look..When I do some dying this summer I will for sure get some of this kind of material. Not sure is it called even weave linen...