Friday, February 15, 2008

Mother Nature's Architects

February in Sydney can be extremely hot, humid & sticky. This year has been a little different in that the extreme heat has not eventuated, however the humidity has been horrendeous. We have had rain nearly every day, sometimes in storms, sometimes in just little drizzles like this morning. The little fine shower early this morning was just enough to accentuate the spider webs in my garden.


Christine said...

Jenny, we've had some HUGE spider webs at our place too. One night there was one across the driveway between the TV aerial and a tree, some 20 feet, and the large fat spider was right at face height. I had to persuade it to leave with the broom before our visitors could leave the house. I don't like to kill them though, bad karma, so I just broke the web and sent it running.

Vivian said...

I'm on the opposite side of the world. We are just coming out of our cold weather. Living in the south west corner of Canada ... we had 3 days of snow at sea level and months of great snow for skiing at 3000 ft. Everything is starting to grow: grass, snowdrops, crocus and the flowering trees are ready to pop their buds. Our spider season comes in August and Sept. You have to admire their weaving ability. They are very 'crafty' insects!