Friday, February 01, 2008

What a Difference a Day Makes

24 hours sometimes can be a very long time, other times it flies. This time yesterday we were all sweltering in the humid conditions of Sydney, and it was January. Today it is much cooler, the humidity is much less & my garden is singing after the 50mm (2") drenching that it was given by the storms which blustered through Sydney late yesterday afternoon & early evening. The storms were reminiscent of the one we had last year, but with less damage.

Today is also February, the start of a new month, and a new TIF Challenge. Sharon B has posted us all a new challenge which can be read here. My brain instantly went to the moon landing, but I am know there will be other things if I stop & think some more. The colours we have to work with this time are above, an interesting combination which should be easy enough to work with. Watch this space as my interpretation of this challenge evolves. My January TIF challenge can been seen here.

On the personal stitching front, I have made some progress on my other challenges for 2008. Patternmaking has started on the bridesmaids dresses, one quilt top is well & truely on the way, the second quilt top has been planned & all fabric bought & pre washed, and the reticella piece is slowly being re-designed after my major bungle. At this stage it is highly unlikely that it will be a reticella piece at all. I have had a list of about 20 different ideas as to what to put in the space, but all the things that I want to do just will not quite fit in. At least the re-designing exercize has led me to other areas in embroidery that I now want to explore. Oh for more time!

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