Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Loops Of Life - A TIF Challenge for February

I finished the February TIF Challenge today. I must admit I found this colour scheme a little dull
to work with. A few years ago I would have loved it but my friends from Stitchers Plus have drawn me out from my comfort zone & taught me to add sparks. To me this still needs a spark in some way, shape or form.
My thinking on this piece can be read here, and my stitching went like this. I started with a blue piece of poly cotton, then added my digitized design of circles. This was made by creating a background in a candlewick stitch, cutting circles in this background with my "cut holes" tool, digitizing satin stitched circles, cutting, pasting & re-sizeing them to where I felt they looked OK, then added a row of stem stitch to tie them all together. Once stitched, I then added some buttons to continue the circle theme, add more texture & interest. The pink button has given a little life to the piece but not enough in my opinion. I'd be interested to hear opinions of others.


Kay said...

I think the subdued color scheme works. But actually, on my screen the color was more orange than the duller pink. The orange and blue has lots of zing. In any case, you've made a very pleasing piece.

Vicki W said...

This is a lovely piece and I don't think it needs anything else!

kay susan said...

It's nice. I love the design. If you are really not happy about it, you could try adding a tiny pink or orange bead to each of those blue dots!

Vivian said...

Nice design & stitching. If you want a little 'punch' try a touch of bronze paint or foiling.

Deb said...

Nice design. I will say that I agree with you about the dullness of the colors, although my monitor showed more of a rust/gold color that sparked it some, and the pink was more peach so I got the complementary contrast. However, I'm with you. I've become accumstomed to adding something for spark that is totally out of the range. But you could do that. Nothing says you HAVE to stay exactly with the colors.
I felt that way on the January piece and I added in some neon green for more life.

jacqui said...

I like you ideas of life is a revolving circle and I think you have captured that concept well. I don't think SharonB meant that we had to keep to just those colours, just be the main colour focus.