Thursday, April 17, 2008

April TIF - A start

I worked on my April TIF this morning. I had the idea to digitize a leaf to symbolize the change in seasons. I wanted one side to be one colour & the other side another colour, showing the changes in colour that a change in season will bring.
I found a leaf pic that I had scanned into my PC in an Autumn gone by, imported it into my digitizing program & off I went. I remembered that I had a colour blending tool & thought that would be good to try to see if I could get subtle changes in colour. It worked on one side of my leaf but not so well on the other. This was the first time I had used this tool & I learnt heaps. I found out that I could create many layers of colour using this tool, also edit the stitches & fills. On the final layer on the left, I edited the stitch to be a candlewick one, so giving me spots on my leaf, the type that appear as a leaf ages. What I didn't change however, was the colour. So consequently when I did the stitch-out, my spots are the same colour as the layer before, & are not as visible as I would have hoped.
I am not exactly happy with this but it certainly has been an interesting exercise. Now I have to decide whether to start again, or make something of what I have done. I think it will be the latter as I should really be doing wedding sewing instead of playing, and time is precious.


Christine said...

Jenny, I like your direction. I'm also FINALLY starting my April TIF challenge, and I should be sewing clothing too, but this weather in Sydney is so depressing! Bring on a short Winter and then roll on Spring!!

Maria del Valle said...

Lovely work!!

makeitsew07 said...

That looks great, Jenny!
I'm taking my laptop and dongle with me on vacation so I am going to try the color blending tool a bit more adventurously now that you've inspired me. Even tho it's spring here (and a LONG time coming, since I still have snow in the southwest edge by the woods) I still love autumn leaves so your ideas are giving ME ideas. Thanks!

Tanguera said...

Your leaf looks lovely. Wouldn't have known that it isn't the way you wanted it either. Glad I'm not the only one putting off wedding sewing and working on the TIF instead.

Trish said...

Your blog is fantastic - along with what's on it! I love the filet lace - but if I ever do any it will be by machine! LOL

Meg in Albuquerque said...

I think your leaf turned out lovely. I don't think you need to redo it, part of a challenge is to accept that things don't always turn out as well as you want them to, we are our worst critics. Its great!