Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Change - A TIF Challenge

"Change" is the topic for the TIF challenge for April. This topic is so broad it can just about cover anything. So here are my first thoughts about this challenge.

OK, so what can change.

The weather. It changes every day, sometimes many times a day, from brilliant sunshine, to cloud to rain. It can be stinking hot one minute, then freezing 10 minutes later when the southerly changes come through & drop the temperature 20 deg in a short time. I've seen the days when I could draw a line across the sky, blue on one side, black on the other with electrical storms on the way. The change in the weather is always a topic for discussion.

The Seasons. These go from summer to autumn, to winter to spring. All very scientific with the tilting of the Earth as we revolve around the Sun. As we change seasons we see an overall change in the weather, from the hot humid days of summer to the cool crisp days of winter. We also see changes in the garden with different flowers emerging & leaves changing from green to gold to nothing.

This then leads to the discussion of "Climate Change", which seems to be gaining political ground. Personally I think it is all scare tactics to make us look after our precious resources better, & yes I agree we need to do this . However, I have seen droughts before, along with bad storms with hail & floods. I remember as a child not being able to get to town because of floods, carting water from town every day in the droughts to water the garden so we would save our precious tank water for drinking & cooking only. I'm sure we have all heard of "Ice Ages" & how the Polar Caps slowly change in size as the planet cools down, then change back again as the planet warms up again.

Our health can change from day to day with contamination with certain bacteria & viruses. Some of us take extra care with our health with simple measures of cleanliness, eating healthy food, & exercising regularly. Others will abuse alcohol, cigarettes, fatty foods & avoid exercise, all of which will cause change in our health at some point.

Family will change with the birth of a baby or the death of a loved one.

Living arrangements change by moving house, getting married, children arriving, children leaving home, or Mother Nature being violent in some way.

Metamorphose is change in shape, the most common example is the caterpillar to butterfly
story .

Change can be slow or instant. Sometimes we get warning & can prepare for the change, like a new baby arriving, or the change in the seasons. Sometimes we get no warning about the change, like when the storms hit & the lightning strikes, or when a love one is killed in a road accident. Us humans can be resiliant & have learnt to cope with change.

I have thoughts already for my piece but you will all have to wait, watch & see what eventuates.