Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More Needlelace Trials

I am still trying to perfect my motifs of needlelace. Above are two more examples I have been expermenting with. The one on the right is sample number 2, where I still used the same thread as sample number one seen here but added in more support. It still proved unstable so then I tried sample number 3, the one on the left above, and added in still more support. I also left out the picots & changed some parts from wrapping to buttonhole stitch & vice versa. I used a different thread with this sample as well which I like much better. I have another two threads that I want to try but as far as design goes it is still back to the drawing board. I still need to add in much more support.

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textiledreamer said...

Hi, just stumbled over your blog! Great to see a fellow lace-maker, nobody else seems to be interested in needle-point lace anymore. You might be interested it this Reticella Heart I made a while ago. I also wrote a needlepoint lace tutorial, but you probably don't need that anymore.