Tuesday, March 25, 2008

March TIF Challenge "And There Are Spots"

I Finished the March TIF Challenge yesterday. My inspiration came from the little spotty details on the insects that live in my garden. I rummaged in my fabric stash trying to remember the colour pallete & came up with these. There is some red felt, green satin (though it looks very blue here), three shot organzas (red with black, red with blue, yellow with pink) and a bright pink crystal organza.

I then layered strips of the satin & organza over the red felt taking care to overlap the pieces so I got the colour changes happening, finishing with a whole layer of organza.
This sandwich was then hooped & my basic "spots" were stitched. I then cut back through the top layer (reverse applique) to expose the colours underneath. I had to be very careful here as the fabric was still hooped & had to remain that way so I could then stich the outer section of my spots. The stitching had been digitized & if the fabric moved in the hoop then my outer spots would not cover the basic ones. This is the first time I have tried digitized reverse applique and it was my first time at playing with the textured edge feature of my program. A fun way to spend Easter Monday afternoon.