Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Bugs Playground

When I first set up this blog over two years ago, I wanted it purely to show off my stitching to the world. Over time, parts of my garden have shown up on it as well, especially in my last post. So yesterday I made a decision to keep both my garden & my stitching seperate, and started another blog just for my garden. I am not sure how often it will be updated, only time will tell.


Sarah said...

Gardening is always such an inspiration to me for my stitching...but I can't be a serious gardener now that I'm in an apartment, so I do understand if this is your Other Interest, better to keep them separate. However, I hope to continue to see gardening motifs in your needlework -- you're so darned talented and it's so fun to see!! YFT

Jenny said...

Hi Sarah, serious gardener I am not, I just like to play. Pots are great for units. Hugs.