Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2009 Challenge Update

Yesterday I sat down & set myself my 2009 challenges. Guzzisue has already been reading them & has handed me another challenge, well not really another one, but something to spur me on with my bobbin lace. It has been suggested that we work through the book together. How cool is that? Having someone to spur me on & help me achieve my aims, even across oceans. I have until March I think to get my current piece off my pillow & practice my basic stitches again, before delving into the book. So guess what I am working on, in between everything else.


Guzzisue said...

should be fun :-)

MargaretR said...

I was in Brussels about 30 years ago and was fascinated by the ladies sitting in the sun making Brussels lace and had to buy a set of pad and bobbins to get me started. I bought a little book and found it so difficult to pick up from the book, that I think the set might still be in the eaves somewhere. if I had the time just now I would join you and Sue. I really would. There are weekend courses in the area now and then. One day!

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