Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Treasure Found

I just had to share this gorgeous piece of work with you all. Recently I have been away, and as I always do, I went looking through antique & bric-a-brack stores. I never know just what I might find. I just love to go through the piles of doileys that these shops seem to have, & on one particular day I could not believe my luck to find this for a bargain. It is all buttonhole stitch & wrapping in what I believe to be the Aemilia Arys style. Just beautiful! I have no idea as to the origins of this piece, or who has made it, but it is now mine & I will treasure it while ever I walk this earth. I take it that some very talented lady has passed on, & her family have been left to sort through her things. Such a shame that they have not appreciated the time & effort that has gone into making this piece. I am such a lucky little vegimite!


MargB said...

Well Jenny I am delighted that you found this piece. I think it is one of the sad things that happens when an estate is cleared that 'treasures' can sometimes be unrecognised and lost to a family forever - but how lovely for it to have found its way into your hands. It would be wonderful to know the provenance, nonetheless, i agree.

Adriana Ortiz said...

Hello Jenny,
the doili is just gorgeous.

Christine said...

Jenny, looks handmade for sure. Perhaps one to take to a Lace Day to ask Annette if there's anything similar in the Collection, or browse the library for another example. Might be a European style with all those little worked wheels around, don't you wish it could talk, VBG?

Might be worth blocking to get some really good photos, just leave out the starch step to avoid future insect damage.


Guzzisue said...

nice find :-)

Magpie Sue said...

Wow, that's some piece of work. I am in awe. So glad it found a good home where it can be fully appreciated!

(I'm here from GuzzieSue's blog to read about the challenge you two are doing next year.)

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CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Jenny, This is a truly lovely find. Hugs Judy