Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Drawn Thread Fillers

At my local lace group some months back, one of our members asked me if I could teach her how to do "that". "That" being a corner in a beautiful drawn thread tablecloth, pictured in a magazine that someone had brought for show & tell. No, not the whole piece, just the corner, as a brooch. Of couse I could. So with some thinking, we organized what had to be brought for the following meeting so that we could make a start. Come the next meeting, both of us forgot things, and of course we did not have the magazine anymore, so I rummaged in my bag & found pencil & graph paper & quickly sketched up a design. There were scraps of fabric in my bag, as was some thread, so we went to work. So the above little square is the result, really too big to be a brooch, but that really depends on taste. It is yet to be cut from fabric, & I think it will still become a brooch or bag clip or some such item. As far as a design for a corner, it really is not strong enough to be a corner design in a table cloth. Worked on even weave linen with my own hand dyed threads.

I did have plans for doing three of these little squares, all in differnt colours, but by the time I did the pink one, I wanted a different design. The problem that I had was that the border stitching had already been done on the others, so I was left with a limited space with wich to work. So I just filled in the spaces with laid threads, coral knots & woven wheels. I quite like the effect, and feel it could be a very interesting filler on something.

The third colour is yet to be worked. The ouside border is done but I have to think of something to put on the inside yet. That's tonight's plan.


Christine said...

Beautiful as always. I'm taking the Reticella class with Margaret Stephens at Lace Guild in Feb/April so I hope to be a bit more proficient after that. Not this good though, VBG. Thanks for sharing,

Gina said...

I especially love the "fluted" effect of the first one. I couldn't get the second one to enlarge when I clicked on it but it's beautiful too and I love the lacy dotted design. How big did these work out to be?

MargB said...

I do love these. May I be so bold to ask what count linen and thread? i would really like to try pulled thread .

intelligence said...

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Joan Elizabeth said...

Jenny, thanks for visiting my Blue Mountains blog. Your stitching is wonderful and very inspiring. I used to do quite a lot of needlecraft -- hardanger, black work, tatting, knitting, cross stitch, tapestry and patchwork. Then life got busy and all I manage these days is photography and some random work in the garden. I must try to get some projects going again.

Linda said...

These are just beautiful Jenny. I hadn't seen them before, so am glad you put them into your page. What lovely neat stitching you do.