Monday, January 05, 2009

Calendar Piece - "Past Horizons"

Over the last 12 months, my creative stitching group, "Stitchers Plus" , has been working hard to produce a calendar to celebrate our 10th birthday. As it is has now officially been published, and many are now hanging on walls around the world, I thought I would show my contribution.
The piece is called "Past Horizons", and is worked using my own hand dyed fabrics & threads. It was rather a challenge to produce, as the fabric was a dressmaking linen, not an even weave linen. I noticed this as soon as I started counting, and noticed that one side of counting was longer than the other. This got me thinking that it was going to elongate my design too much. So ? What did that matter? It was after all a creative piece. As soon as I started to cut & remove threads, the weft threads started to stretch, another problem that had to be solved, otherwise all my wrapping & needleweaving would be wobbly.
The design is original & has been interpreted from a sketch that I did some years ago of a beach, headland & surf club.
To check out all the calendar, visit here .


Christine said...

I must've missed the notice about this one, are there still any copies available Jenny?

MargB said...

Jenny This is exquisite. I have just spent a while roaming around the calendar photos - lovely.

Margaret said...

I'm catching up with blogs and had a good look at this wonderful piece of yours. It is all so great, I hope you have it framed and in a place of honour. I have just finished dyeing yarns for a science project with DD the younger and I can really appreciate your work!