Thursday, January 22, 2009

More Drawn Thread Fillers

I've finished another two of my drawn thread fillers. The first two can be found here. This one is a variation of the pink one from before, hoping I have made it a little stronger. The second one is something on the slightly creative side to find out how things would look if I changed the numbers of the threads that I cut. Mmmmm............. possibilities are going through my brain. All four designs are still not cut from fabric. They are all waiting patiently to be made into something.


MargB said...

Jenny These are exceptionally beautiful - thankyou for sharing and for the opportunity to go back to the previous pair and have another drool!

Adriana Ortiz said...

I like the second one.That tuch in the corner give it a special thing.

Take care of your eyes.

Unknown said...

Your drawnwork is absolutely beautiful! :)

zenuwpees said...

hello you make verry beautiful things your blog is beautiful greatins marie-claire