Friday, October 13, 2006

Book Cover

Yesterday afternoon was another bit of fun. I have noticed in this digitized lace world they are doing anything from fillet crochet to cutwork to reticella and more. The list is endless, so I thought I would try for some drawn thread.

This piece was inspired by my drawn thread samples and started out with me just wondering if it could be done. With a bit of time & patience the answer is most definately yes. However, this design would not pass the wash-out test so I stitched it onto a fabric base, one of those I dyed back in at the end of August.

The end result will turn into a book cover for my resources & inspiration journal, just for my drawn thread.

Now it is back to the drawing board to produce the above design so it WILL pass the wash-out test!


Sarah said...

This piece is really lovely. The color contrast/combination between the fabric and the thread is just wonderful!

suzanne said...

Hi Jenny, Nice color, and what a beauty of a bok cover this will be.

suzanne said...

Oops sorry about the word book.