Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Tif Challenge

Ok, so this TIF challenge has really got inside my head. Yesterday I started to think about the people who I admire & the list goes like this. It could go on for a while but I figured this would do to start.

My friend Robyn for her ability to pick up a drawing impliment or paint brush & make wonderful marks. Such artistic talent this girl has in all areas of the fine arts.

My friend Sheila for her ability to FME. I sat in awe one day watching her draw irises with machine needle & thread. A prize winner in the quilting world.

An aquaintance Heather who has sooooooooooo much embroidery knowledge & talent. A wiz a filet embroidery. A prize winner in the embroidery world.

Marie Laurie, a teacher in the Embroidery & Lace world. I first become aware of this lady a few years ago at an embroidery exhibition . It was one of her pieces that made me drool & want to take home. Since then I have seen many pieces of her work & they all scream at me to take them home. At our exhibition last year, I was ready to come home, but thought I would have a quick look around the traders tables, not realizing that I had missed a whole table of work by the Fine Needlework Group. Every piece of work that sent me goo-goo-gar-ing was a piece by Marie. I have had the pleasure of meeting her & a number of years ago made this piece of Snutki in one of her workshops. I had admiration for this lady way before I met her.
Then there are the lacemakers of the 15th century. Some of the most amazing pieces of lace work was produced in this time period. I am trying to produce this now with all kinds of aids like electic lights, bi-focal glasses, & a magnifyer. The women of this time had none of these aids & yet their work is so fine & accurate.
OK, so enough of all the stitchers. I started to think about actors, actresses, entertainers, politicians, etc etc. There was Princess Dianna for becomming the people's princess & not just another Royal, Oprah Winfrey for becomming something from nothing & giving all, Rene Zelwigger for being different, the Bronte Sisters for writing classic novels like my favourite "Jane Eyre"
So my thoughts went from a list of names to what do these people all have in common? In my wakefullness last night I realized they all (besides being female) had the letter "R" somewhere in their name. So I have decided to use the letter "R" as the basis of my design. Postcard size and digitized so that I keep the practice up on my embroidery software.


Jacqui said...

I am amazed at the way people are coming along with their ideas and every one is so different. This challenge is brilliant. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Jenny - what a couple of lovely inspiring posts! I really enjoyed reading about the women you admire! I am still very much in thinking mode for this month...although I had better get cracking, January is moving along!

Anonymous said...

your reticella is amazing!! I would like to be in your country to learn reticella as you, I very fond of drawn threads, I often go on your blog to see your reticella...never give up, it's so beautiful
happy new year from france!