Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to one & all ! A bit late you all say? Well, only a few days. I have only just come back home after a few weeks R & R on the beautiful North Coast of NSW. The weather might have been a bit iffy, but there were a few days on the beach before they were all closed due to tretcherous & dangerous surf, lots of reading, scrabble playing, trivial pursuit playing, dinners & lunches out, sleep-in's till late, catching up with family & friends & watching of fireworks on New Years Eve. There was a fishing day on the edge of the river, not that I was fishing, I left that up to the others. I just enjoyed sitting in the shade with a good book & the river breeze blowing over me. There were shop brousing days, checking out all the local antique & craft stores, & drooling over all the beautiful hand made glass ware that I would love to have brought home.
OK, any textiley stuff? Of course! I did come home with 2 pieces of patchwork fabric which will be the starting point for a new quilt. I have an idea in mind already for what I will do but I need to source some more fabric. I also took some hand stitching away with me. It was the piece that I mentioned here, but unfortunately it did not quite work out the way that I planned. Silly me made a mistake in my counting on my original graph, so consequently my beautiful Reticella border will not fit where it is supposed to. I had gone way too far by the time that I discovered the mistake & would have had way too much unpicking to do to fix it, so I decided that the design would change. The border will hopefully now contain some filet work which is one of my personal challenges for 2008 that I mentioned here. The major Reticella piece will just have to wait a while longer. Oh well, such is life. Lucky I am flexible.
So here I am, 2008, with plenty of challenges happening already. Watch this space to see how they all pan out.

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Christine said...

Hmm, I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when you discovered the mistake, Jenny. Glad you are so philisophical about it, not sure I would be. I've signed on for TIF too, and have subscribed to Google reader to keep up with my favourite blogs. Still deciding my first project, thinking I might have to change and do the colours because I can't get out of holiday mode either, LOL, and I haven't even been away yet. Glad to see you back, and it sounds like you had a lovely rest, lucky duck!! What do you think of my new purple glasses, the photo is a bit Where's Wally but not TOOO bad.