Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mediterranean Lace - Experiments

This morning in my in-box I had a comment on my Knotted Lace post from way back in 2007. Mmm... suspicious, that's why I have comment moderation on so I can check out who is leaving comments before I publish or reject them. This morning I was pleasantly surprised when I checked out Couch Crochet Crumbs. It is a blog full of Turkish Oya & the writer of this blog can actually make those gorgeous edgings. I am soooooooooooo jealous! I have admired this kind of work for many years & so want to lean how to do it.

I have two books on Knotted Lace by Elena Dickson, one of which I have had for many years, & would you believe I have never used them. Opened & looked, yes, but never used. So this morning I have pulled them out, opened, read, & played with needle & thread. Above are my efforts. OK, I could do better, but this is my first go at this kind of lace so please be patient with me. My pyramid is a little warped & my flower is a little lopsided. I just have to watch my spacing, but I am sure that will come with practice.

The EG here in Sydney is offering a one day course in Armenian Needlelace in January so I have enrolled already. Armenian, Turkish, Mediteranean, they are all from around the same area so I am sure the differences will be slight. The course is for a small doily, but I really want to make the flowers & learn how to attach them.

Watch this space!

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