Friday, June 29, 2012

Quilt Donations

Well, we finally made the paper, the local paper that is. The  local Sewing Guild Group have been stiching up quilts to donate to the Royal Flying Doctor Service, and  the story has finally been published 5 weeks after the quilts were presented. The article can be read here, where the qualitly of the print is much better than this copy cut from Wednesday's Torch. Scroll down to page 29 (Page 29?) yep, that's where they decided to put us, & click the page 29 link underneath.

What the article didn't mention was that the quilt project was instigated by Margaret W, who also produced over half of the quilts that were presented. Another lady, Jenny J, also produced quite a large number of quilts all on her own. I did some of the work,  some piecing, some applique, some quilting & a few binds, but not near as much as these two ladies.

Something else that the article didn't mention was the fact that the group has now split, with the two ladies mentioned above, myself, and a few others forming a new group at Georges Hall. What caused the split? Well everyone was starting to complain about lack of parking due to the new units being built next to the Guide Hall. A suggestion was made that we move, some research was made & then the opposing arguments began, & it all got a little political. A number of differnt halls were found & we settled on Georges Hall Community Center. It is a lovely hall, fairly new, large, bright, sunny, well lit, huge big windows with vertical blinds that can be opened to let in the light, air conditioning, parking ouside the door with flat entry to the hall, multiple toilets that are well lit & have locks that work, a big kitchen that we have access to including continuous boiling water for tea & coffee. All these assets are a far cry from the Guide Hall, & the best part is the  rent is cheaper!

Anyone interested in joining this new goup can contact  our group co-ordinator via this page. What would be the advantages of joining a group like this? Well lots of course, including the company of us lovely ladies who have sewing knowledge galore, & just want to share. We are going  to  encourage young sewers to perfect their skills and pass them on to future generations to come. Why not come join us?

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Linda said...

Great story Jenny, and your group is to be congratulated. Hope the new venue and group go well, and you all continue to support one another, as well as recruit some new ladies who wish to learn. Take care, and stay warm.