Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Seasons of Sneezes

My creative stitching group, Stitchers Plus, is hosting a challenge. The challenge is "Changing of the Seasons" & works are limited to A4 size. Any member of the Embroiderers Guild can enter, & works will be exhibited at the City of Canada Bay Library, Concord Branch, in October 2012.

The above is just a snippet of my piece ( just to tease you all), the piece can been seen in full at the exhibition. It features Reticella lace work combined with modern creative black-work, and was inspired by my changing allergies that change with the seasons.

I do hope you can all come to see it in full. Otherwise you will all have to wait for some time before I post it in full here.


Linda said...

What wonderfully neat stitches you make Jenny. I hope the exhibition is a success. Sorry I've been AWOL, will write soon. Take care.

Mare60 said...

complimenti per il tuo bellissimo sito e i meravigliosi lavori