Thursday, January 03, 2019

Fingerless Gloves

Late last year when I was about to make my possum gloves , I found a pattern for finger-less gloves made in the exact yarn that I had bought. At the time, I wanted full fingered gloves, so made made them two toned to make sure I had enough yarn. I really liked the texture in this pattern, so when I finished my possum gloves, I weighed the yarn I had left of the Payton's 2 ply Embrace, and I had 30gms left. I only needed 25 gms to make the fingerless ones.

So, behold my new finger-less gloves, worked in Payton's 2 ply Embrace that I had in my stash, and using a free pattern form Zealana. They will be ready when winter hits in about five months time.

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